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Everything About SuperBowl Ads

Super Bowl is the National Football League (NFL) final event in the United States. It is famous for its remarkable Super Bowl ads that are aired on the TV. The Super Bowl always have very high rankings in the Nielsen ratings. The game reaches more than 90 million spectators. That’s the reason why the cost of an ad space can cost millions of dollars. For example a 30 seconds of advertising space cost $2.6 M during the last 2010 telecast.

Since the advertising spot is very costly, marketers see to it that they deliver remarkable and state-of-the-art advertisements. The ads are always looked forward and create a lot of buzz. It is said that these ads are as highly-anticipated as the actual game itself.

However, now there has been a lot of worries about the airing of ads because of the use of products like TiVo. TiVo favors viewers to cut the ads. Moreover, marketers are worried that the Super Bowl advertising space are extremely expensive despite surveys show that it does not provide favorable impression on the advertiser’s share of the market.

Like what I’ve mentioned above, the usual price of a 30 second advertising space in Super Bowl 2010 cost $2.6 M. This does not include the pays for the actors, advertising agencies, directors, equipment and crew making it highly costly for the advertisers.

In Canada, there are several disapproval on the unavailability of the U.S. Super Bowl ads. On the contrary to showing the SuperBowl ads, American network affiliates substitute them with local ads. This is possible because under the Canadian simultaneous substitution regulations that if a local television network is broadcasting a specific program at the same time as an American network, the local network has the right to displace the foreign network feed and ads.

To find solution on this problem, some U.S.-based advertisers like Pepsi and Anheuser-Busch acquire advertising spots during the CTV (the TV station the acquires the Canadian airing rights of Super Bowl) broadcast to feature at least some of their American ads. However, there are some companies that produce new ads unique for their Canadian viewers.

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